Anti Aging Rose Water Facial Toner

Anti Aging Rose Water Facial Toner


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Beauty Voc’s Anti Aging Rose Water Facial Toner, elegantly presented in a 150ml bottle. Our rose water toner is a rejuvenating blend of natural extracts, carefully formulated to provide exceptional benefits for your skin. Enriched with the soothing properties of rose water and antioxidants, this toner helps to balance the skin’s pH level, tighten pores, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It hydrates and refreshes the skin, leaving it toned and revitalized. The gentle formula also helps to soothe and calm sensitive skin, promoting a more youthful and radiant complexion. Experience the transformative power of Beauty Voc’s Anti Aging Rose Water Facial Toner and embrace the natural secrets to ageless, beautiful skin.


Hold the facial and body mist spray approximately 15-20 cm away from your face and body. Close your eyes and spray a fine mist over your skin, keeping the bottle upright. Gently pat or massage the mist into your skin until fully absorbed. Use throughout the day to refresh and hydrate your skin, or after showering for an all-over body mist. Avoid contact with eyes.

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